Sunday, May 24, 2020

A Imagesec, como parceiro autorizado da Indigo Vision no Brasil, apresenta abaixo alguns cases ao redor do mundo nos principais segmentos econômicos públicos e privados.

Os clientes que procuram a Indigo Vision possuem um perfil em especial, o cliente quer um produto que funcione sob severas condições, que possua alta fidelidade operacional e que possua uma ampla gama de recursos técnicos operacionais.

Os cases abaixo foram extraídos do website: e estão em inglês; breve postaremos aqui nesta seção mais cases e, já traduzidos para português.

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Major Events

The last two Olympic Games and the recent Soccer World Cup all used IndigoVision for their video and alarm management. Major events such as these demand large numbers of cameras to be accessible by large numbers of operators across wide geographic areas: perfect for IP. IndigoVision solutions continuously monitor system diagnostics to enable c.100% ‘up time’ and high resilience.

The Athens 2004 Olympics used over 2000 cameras, connected to some 63 command centers with 1250 operators, across an area of 250 square km (100 square miles). Key cameras were recorded via the network using off-site storage to preserve evidence in the case of a major disaster.


Olimpíadas de Atenas 2004
  • 2004 Olympics
  • 2006 Winter Olympics
  • 2006 World Cup



Numerous airports worldwide use IndigoVision IP security solutions for their video & alarm management. Of these, Brussels airport in Europe is one of the largest, with a 750 camera IP Video system. This was installed in 2001 using IndigoVision’s 6000 range, and was recently upgraded to the 8000 range (MPEG-4). This airport was the first in the world to adopt an end-to-end IP Video and Alarm Management system.

Airports typically have a number of video ‘consumers’, not just security staff. Customs, police, check-in, baggage handling, screening, fire, and ground staff all have an interest in accessing video from around the site. With analog-switched systems this is very expensive, with infrastructure basically having to be replicated for each set of users. With IP, once the video data is on the network, any authenticated user can access it.


Aeroportos de Grande Tráfego
  • Senai Airport
  • Doha Airport
  • Schiphol Airport
  • Munich Airport
  • Luton Airport
  • Brussels Airport



Being spread out over extended areas, ports are inevitably susceptible to potential ‘gaps’ in security. Analog CCTV becomes increasingly cost-prohibitive over wider and wider areas, whereas IP takes little account of distance and can be deployed transparently over wireless and fiber links. IP is also extremely cost effective for monitoring from multiple locations, and for rapid camera deployment and reconfiguration of the system as operational needs develop.

Dubbed "Highway H2O", the St Lawrence Seaway is the safe, reliable and environmentally friendly transportation route of choice to the heart of North America. They chose IndigoVision to provide mission critical monitoring of the operation of the eight locks and the bridges along the Welland Canal.

  • St. Lawrence
  • Port of Turku



IndigoVision is used in numerous traffic management systems around the world, with “distance no object” IP Video being coupled with IndigoVision’s best-in-class video to deliver quality that often exceeds analog, with very low latency.

Adelaide Traffic System, in Australia, would not have been cost effective to expand using analog, and demonstrated yet again how seamlessly IP can be integrated into existing CCTV systems.

With IP, a single, integrated system can be deployed to serve both municipal and traffic monitoring requirements, where previously it was usual to deploy two separate analog systems.


Gerenciamento de Tráfego
  • AdelaideTunnel
  • 2006 World Cup


IndigoVision is now used in 7 major rail systems worldwide, for remote station surveillance, passenger safety and monitoring of rail network infrastructure. With IP networks able to span any distance, any number of stations and yards, rail is benefiting increasingly from the strengths of IP, especially with the optional benefits of integrated analytics such as congestion detection and virtual tripwire.

The national rail system in Holland, Europe is now largely IndigoVision, with IP Video being used to monitor stations for security and operations.

Both Skytrain and Canadaline in Vancouver chose IndigoVision solutions. The Berlin S-Bahn also uses IndigoVision IP Video for its passenger safety system.

Ferrovias Nacionais
  • Berlin S-Bahn
  • Dutch Rail
  • Amsterdam Station
  • Vancouver Skytrain
  • Canada Line



In city centers, surveillance is required over wide areas and must deliver evidential standard video. In New London, Connecticut, local security is of prime importance to the Police Department, who use an IndigoVision solution to monitor a number of important military, nuclear power generation and industrial sites.

The City of Santa Monica in California uses a complete IndigoVision solution to ensure public safety and enable timely emergency response.

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, Europe, chose IndigoVision for its citywide video management system. The new system is helping the Budapest authorities increase public safety with remote monitoring of public places, tourist spots and parking areas.


Monitoramento de Cidades
  • New London
  • Santa Monica
  • Budapest City
  • Swindon
  • Glasgow Museums


Two of the world's 5 largest banks use IndigoVision solutions. One of these uses an IndigoVision IP Video solution integrated with its access control system to monitor 35,000 people entering and exiting its headquarters facilities each day. The investment in this system delivered a payback period of under a year.

The Austrian hydroelectric power generator, Verbund, is using IndigoVision’s video management system to monitor its 88 hydroelectric plants and 40 transformer stations for both security and operational efficiency.

  • Austrian Hydroelectric
  • Gateshead College
  • Medical training
  • Fish Farm
  • Albian Sands Mining
  • Singapore Construction


Casinos demand high resolution, full frame rate video, with high resilience and reliability. Regulatory requirements are often demanding and can only be satisfied by enterprise-class IP Video solutions. IndigoVision is unique in delivering the storage/bandwidth efficiencies of MPEG-4, yet with smooth rewind capability at any speed including ‘single frame back’, dual redundant recording and a guarantee never to drop a frame.

IndigoVision was chosen for the first casino in the US to adopt an end-to-end IP Video system, at the Mardi Gras Racetrack and Gaming Center, Hollywood, Florida.


  • Hollywood Casino
  • Isle of Man Casino

Police & Prisons

Where evidential standard video is required, with built-in encryption and watermarking to prevent tampering, IndigoVision is the solution of choice. Every piece of IndigoVision hardware contains a built-in firewall to prevent ‘hacking’ and ensure system integrity.

The new IndigoVision IP-CCTV system in Macau has revolutionized how Macau Police monitor their operation and has provided them with faster video analysis and improved incident response.

Barrie Police in Canada use IndigoVision solutions for recording interviews with potential offenders, and for monitoring holding cells/custody suites.

Some police forces and prison services use IP Video networks spread across multiple facilities/stations to improve out-of-hours response in emergency situations.

Departamentos de Polícia
  • Macau Police
  • Canadian Police
  • Dutch Prisons